Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What is the largest size I can print to?

A: Many factors determine print quality. Bigger cameras do not always mean better. Things to keep in mind: enlargements mean enlarging everything -- including imperfections such as grain (or 'noise') and blur. A picture shot in good light, with few artifacts, and lots of rich colour and detail will enlarge well. Some pictures, of course, use 'imperfections' for stylistic reasons.

Here's another spin on the question: how far away will the canvas be viewed? An artwork hung above a couch or fireplace mantel will likely be viewed further away than one hung in a narrow hallway.

Here's yet-another spin: what is your image of? Group photos are typically better suited for larger prints, so that viewers are able to identify individuals in the photograph more easily. However, a group photo can look great, even on an 8-inch by 10-inch print, if it's placed on a table, shelf, hallway, or staircase because it can be held closer for a viewer to examine faces. 

Q: There are elements in my digital files that could use some retouching...

A: Very simple retouches can be done for free, such as a single dust mark on an obscure part of the picture, or a small object against a background with lots of texture or straight colour, such as grass, sky, or mountains. More-complicated ones, such as removal of larger elements, or conversion to black and white, start at $15. E-mail for a quote.

Q: I have a photo that doesn't quite match the dimensions listed.

A: A custom size may be needed, which is typically about 10 dollars extra. Please e-mail (wowartphoto@gmail.com) for a quote.

Q: What is this 'black tape' or 'black border'?


Q: I'd like to have my canvas shipped...

A: Prices depend on the size and volume, and are subject to change, depending on Canada Post rates. An estimated cost for a 16x20 canvas, our most popular size, is $16 within the Lower Mainland of B.C., $22 within most locations in B.C., $30 to $50 to other locations in Canada. For two 16x20 pieces of canvas, it is about $20. For 20x24, it is $17 within most locations in the Lower Mainland, and about $24 for two pieces. Prices are also subject to change, depending on our couriers.

Q: How about discounts?

A: Volume discounts are available, as are for referrals. They are also available for long-time clients. Please e-mail wowartphoto@gmail.com or call 604-937-7636 during store hours for a quote!

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: It varies from season to season, and depends on the size of prints and volume, but typically about 1 to 2 weeks. The most popular sizes of 16 x 20 inches or 20 x 24 are quickest. Promotion deals have a greater variation, and some take up to 4 weeks. We are flexible, though, and requests for quicker turnaround are possible.

Q: The print is needed right away...

A: As a rule-of-thumb, a minimum 24 to 48 hours is needed for inks on canvas to cure. Please e-mail for rush fees, as this varies from season to season. A typical fee is $10 for a two-day turnaround and $25 for same-day. All other timelines are done as a courtesy -- just send me a message, at wowartphoto@gmail.com.

Q: How long will the prints last?

A: Wow Art and Photo uses archival pigment inks. Although such ink formulation has been rated to last for several decades, always err on the side of caution and accept a more-conservative approach. In other words, there's no straight answer, unfortunately, because longevity depends on factors such as environmental exposure (chemicals, sunlight, dust, temperature, humidity) and personal care. Black-and-white prints also last longer than colour prints. Every artwork and print will fade over time. The amount of 'acceptable' loss of colour is subjective.