Groupon orders

Redeeming your Groupon...

1.] Send an e-mail to In the body, please provide the following:

  • 8-digit Groupon voucher code
  • size of the print (16"x20" or 20"x24")
  • your name

2.] Attach the image and send. Most files will go through with little to no problem. If your file is large, indicate this in your e-mail, and you will receive a link to an online folder for you to upload your photo(s) to. For local orders, you can drop by the shop at 1052 Austin Ave in Coquitlam with your saved photo on a USB stick or CD.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail within two business days. Canadian purchases from Groupon are subject to sales taxes, which will be charged upon pick-up.

Turnaround time for Groupon orders take about 4 weeks to process, but may vary depending on volume and season. However, if it is needed sooner, indicate that in your e-mail. An upgrade fee will be applied so that Groupon orders are aligned with a regular order.

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