Varnish coat

Caezer Ng

Endorsing a product has never been so easy. Print technology has matured to the point that choosing between Epson, Canon, or HP often comes down to features, familiarity, and support. When discussing paper, there are many options as well, with some brands actually being produced by the same mill, but then carry a different name and maybe add some small touches to the final product. Varnish technology, is almost there in universality, but not quite, partly because of the complexity of chemistry and application; switching from one brand to the next yields vastly different results. Regardless, it's sometimes better to...

Simple, classical, no-nonsense black

Caezer Ng

Covering two topics today: black-and-white photographs and black tape around canvas. Much can be said about black and white images and how they ought to be presented. In my humble opinion, having worked in the news photography industry for eight years, the era of black and white images is over. This is coming from a guy who loves black and white. For most intents and purposes, use colour. Apart from economic/business purpose (it's cheaper to use than colour), black and white is more the domain of academia, museums, and art. Ninety-nine per cent of the time, colour crosses this shop's...

Words paint a picture

Caezer Ng

There is that common saying, which goes, "A picture paints a thousand words."  This is true a lot of times, and words are also pictures. Since they are instantly recognizable, proper use can go a long way in conveying that message on the wall. When I was in photojournalism college, my professors would always caution their students when they choose to include text in a photograph, because words command attention. So, when you do include text, choose to 'go all the way'. Words can motivate. A client had requested a 20-inch by 30-inch canvas with only '200' written on it...

Printing old paintings

Caezer Ng

You may call it 'old' or 'classical', but some art just last forever, such as a brilliant oil painting. A customer recently requested to have one printed on canvas and found one he liked in View of Dresden by Moonlight (1838), by Norwegian painter Johan Christian Dahl. Owning the original, of course, is nearly impossible for most people. Classic paintings are either too expensive or are priceless. They also may never show at your local gallery or museum. Combine modern-day digital imaging and printing, with the Internet, to create a stunning reproduction. We had fun with this one for several...

Exhibiting a work

Caezer Ng

Patrick Lu is an emerging photographer whose first exhibition (October 2016 to January 2017) left such an impression that he has been asked to join the list of rotating artists who show their works at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.  Our business played a small part in realizing Lu's vision. We helped him with a few picture edits, and then produced 33 canvas for him. He made a road trip out of this, by driving from Edmonton to the Lower Mainland to pick this set up. I'd like to think that, as a fine art print shop and custom...

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